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August 21, 2005

Lost I Have Been

Fresh out of the delectable Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as I ponder life, colleges, and the multitude of options thereof, and as the words of poetry which had formed in my mind just so few minutes before while driving home fail me, I bap myself and realize that now is the time for a blog entry. An entry for the poor, neglected blog which so aptly and sadly reflects my neglection of social interaction.

For indeed I have been lost in the seas of Diablo II, and lo, although it has been a most enjoyable float aboard the raft of isolation, the raft yet becomes thin and brittle. Amid the sea of entertainment it's insubstantial nature is revealed by the waves of time. And although I would indeed welcome and enjoy an extension of my stay upon these waters, I find myself without a ship in the middle of the ocean and I have no recourse but to learn once more how to swim that I might return to shore and purchase the timbers of life anew.

The currents of laziness, masquerading as those of life, ever try to stem my path to the shore, hoping to keep me away from the solid reality and meaning present in interaction with great people. The shore's solid foundations I seek, and yet at times the sickly sweet fumes of laze threaten to overwhelm me. But the foul candle from which these fumes emanate must be cast aside, for their insubstantial nature holds no promise for the living.

The seas of entertainment themselves are not tainted, however their sweets stick to the mind and must eventually be cleansed by life's scrubbing; everything must be sampled, but only in proper moderation may everything be enjoyed.

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August 15, 2005

NASA Poetry: Ode to the House of Apache and other tales
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Recently my internship at NASA ended, so here's a selection of poetry which I wrote while on the job. Hopefully it might illuminate some of my experiences. I'll write a blog entry on said experiences in a few days.

so many words;
they long to come out.

but the time of day is not right
and sleep's fog dulls their light.

July 15
sleep beckons,
and who am I to deny it?

only a bit of flotsam,
tossed about before it's dreamy shores.

August 1
desire for an iPod warps the mind
        as all the players wait with hope.
the winners of the prize know not their find
        but instead they are nervous and mope.
all await the words so combined
        as to bring either death or a rescuing rope.

August 3
Ode to the House of Apache
The softly resounding GUI comforts like the crash of the ocean's waves
as the quiet mechanical sounds of the PHP hint at the underlying framework.
Data retrieved from MySQL tastes like a delicious fruit picked ripe from the tree
as the comforting embrace of PHPWS encircles all, bringing necessities to hand.
For indeed I speak of a paradise of bytes and bits; a utopia crafted of ones and zeros
where all may live out their lives surrounded by beautiful silicon in the house of Apache.

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