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November 20, 2005

Let Me
life, poetry

let me meld my mind with yours
and we'll be happy for evermore

let me sing a song from the heart
and all around us the night will part

let me see your soul's glittering form
and you will see my heart grow warm

if I open my heart to you
all will be of a glittering hue.
and if we open our hearts to one another
never will our happiness be torn asunder.

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November 15, 2005

Sloth Slinks
life, poetry

sloth slinks along the southern shore
it thinks I am unaware but I know it's snare
even so I am helpless before it's barred door
in my weakness I do not dare to assail it's lair

the sloth slips over me as I descend to my chair
I am unable to move and at first I don't care
but before long I wish to accomplish my goals
I am unable, restrained in laze's iron control

panic builds up as I think of what must be done
I am unable to stop the flow; all I can do is lie low
work flees from my mind as if pursued by a hun
the waves crash against me and above flies a crow

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November 7, 2005

Sleep's Plague
life, poetry


Damn this lack of sleep
and the forgetful thoughts which I keep

Nothing is really wrong
but my mind finds sadness in it's song

I curse it's wavering ways
and long for the chance to sleep for days


sleep knocks at my door with it's iron cushion of a fist
my mind hears the call but my soul resists
the body slogs along towards it's slumber
but the heart wishes to halt the falling lumber

sleeps knocks again with it's iron knuckles
a few times more and my will will buckle
but for the moment I hold my tongue
my happy mind frolics with the sun

thrice sleep knocks and I know my time is nigh
sleep's soft pillows will soon know my sigh
as my mind's pace starts to slow
dream's soft music begins to flow

all my thoughts drain out through my feet
things become simpler and oh so sweet

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