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December 19, 2005

I have a secret; it flows in my veins
life, poetry

I have a secret.
it flows in my veins.
it burns in my soul.

if you listen to my heart,
I'll share with you this thing.
this strange creature, this secret.

music swirls about the secret's crystal throne;
the sound's currents illuminate the shimmering thing.
as life's light sneaks through the door, the secret flies free.

it dances through the halls and it cartwheels through my mind.
free, it shines like a star, a constant explosion letting off light and heat.
listen close and you'll hear it's call; close your eyes and into it you will fall.

I'll whisper it's name: love.

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December 15, 2005

do all feel this way?
life, poetry

do all feel this way
when their heart
is swallowed
by another?

do all hope and pray
that their helpless ways
will bring two hearts

do all try to fare the torrid weather
and strive to swim to the gleaming
shores glimpsed while dreaming?

why does the heart wrench itself free
and let the pain seep in through my knees?
why does hope flail it's weakening arms
and grasp at hints only to fall back in alarm?
why can't the heart be satisfied with it's lot
and not long for that which is not easily sought?

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December 11, 2005

I Have a Fire
life, poetry

I have a fire,
it burns and it cools.
I know not whether to smother it
or to try to give it fuel.
it burns with desire.

fire is essential;
without it all seems trivial.
it's warmth fills your soaring soul.
and, yet, is it wise
to let undesired fires burn unsupervised?

all I know is this hell:
if I do not act
the fire will rage and scorch
all in it's track,
leaving me only a shell.

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