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April 29, 2007

A New Meeting
life, poetry

I had seen her face's features.
Now I see her face's whole;
her beauty lifts my soul.

I had seen pictures of her.
Now when I look at pictures thereof,
I see with her the spirit of love.

I had thought her to be many people.
Now I see she is only one.
Awe fills me; the love has begun.

And thus happiness fills my veins,
and thus I give her all I have to give,
and thus I love every moment I live.

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April 24, 2007

The Secret Beauty of the Moment
life, poetry

If you would but pay attention
   you would fall in love.
If the sole location of your mind
   was the moment and the present
   you would fall in love.
If you took naught for granted,
   but observed every wonder,
   the beauty would overwhelm you.
Live in the moment,
feel in the moment,
but most of all, love in the moment.
      For only the moment matters
      when you are with her.

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April 22, 2007

Logic's Blindness
life, poetry

Just a moment dear; let me find my heart.
It seems I lost it as I traveled in the dark.

Emotion seems so far off,
despite how much I beckon.
Memories confuse what I think I feel;
the fake tries to pass for what is real.
So I recede from my mind —
as to the truth logic is blind.
With your warm thoughts I will see anew.
With this simple beauty I will find the true.

In the hollow space that used to feel warm;
that is where I will rebuild what is forlorn.

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April 19, 2007

Three Fragments: a tale of wonder
life, poetry

put me at ease, destroy my defenses, let me
breathe the emotion.
then I am so happy.


presently the diamond tears shroud my face;
sandman, prithee, shine thy blessing light upon
this seed of happiness.


I find myself in an uncharted sea;
it's beauty stretches farther than the eye can see.
Yet I need no map, I need no dove,
for I am not alone upon the sea of love.

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