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July 29, 2007

A Musing on the Mind and the Body
'philosophy', poetry

there is a fault line in my mind
that calls out the separation of my parts.
what was once mine, I no longer own;
what I once controlled now controls me.

I am the being that calls life its domain;
my identity I even now hold secure.
yet the body in which I reside
had taken the controls.
it finds no meaning in anything,
yet it seeks for meaning everywhere.
ineptly it blunders with its eyes and hands:
blindness is its domain.

it has tools perfectly fitted
for rendering beauty.
its form could stand for so much,
its heart's outpouring could fill a thousand oceans.
yet without me it is a senseless brute.
and without it, I can not see the world,
I can not sense a drop of life;
I am completely lost.

life surges forth; I come to the fore.
at the helm I sail us upon this sea.
and so the fault line shivers to a close.
and so two beings become as one.

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July 16, 2007

Wandering Alone

the day is over; the people gone.
I sit her in my lonely chair,
wondering why emotion flairs
only to subside after loosing its bond.

it is not that I am unhappy;
I am perfectly content.
but I look around and see little
to guide me hence.

I want to say the sun has set
but outside it still shines down bright;
its rays reveal my thoughts' lies.
wandering this world alone,
it's easy to forget what holds meaning.
yet that does not mean the meaning is gone,
that does not mean that one is alone.

and so I live for tomorrow,
the day the people will return.
until then, what meaning can I find
except that which reminds me of them?

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July 9, 2007

Invincibility's Lie

life flowed through my veins;
love and emotion called my heart home.
music would call their movements
they would twirl, dance, and float.

but my brain has a foul process it can apply
that shuts off all of this emotion's power supply.
it leaves me naught but a shell;
perfectly unhurt, but horribly cold.

this coldness reveals the invincibility's lie,
these memories call me back to the fold.
I must show my brain the light;
only with its blessing with my frozen heart be free.
only then will the color flood the world again.

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