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October 12, 2007

A Short Study of a Tired, Uncaffinated Mind
life, poetry

I see the color but it does not touch me,
I feel the light but it is not warm.
All around me life swirls on
then with one look at me it's gone.

I have slept for many hours,
but they were not enough.
Now I live with grey-tinted glasses
separating me from the happy masses.

The music's notes sooth my senses,
I talk with my undemanding friends.
So I glimpse the balanced happiness,
but soon once more my mind will bend.

In this same life I could be all content,
I would talk and smile and stand up straight.
If only, for a time, my eyes were dusted with sand,
if only I were transported to a dream-filled land.

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October 8, 2007

To Trust My Heart
life, poetry

thinking back upon our time,
the future we lack no longer saddens me so.
instead I just hope to never forget your face
or the way we would feel when we used to embrace.

even as we both find new ways to go,
I hope to never forget the beauty I have been shown.
I wonder how I will find such happiness again,
but in the end such wonderings yield no gain;
I can only trust my heart and the gods above
that I will once more feel two hearts meld in love.

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