November 11, 2007

The Heart Which is Itself

my body feels broken;
my heart's wings have snapped.
life's meaning has left me,
and with it my heart's other half.

I wait to find new people
to show who I truly am.
but why need I wait?
who can I scare by acting true,
except for myself?

so I'll dance in the rain; I'll rejoice in every drop.
I'll live for the sake of love, I'll grin at the face of death.
for there is no greater beauty than a heart which is itself.

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October 12, 2007

A Short Study of a Tired, Uncaffinated Mind
life, poetry

I see the color but it does not touch me,
I feel the light but it is not warm.
All around me life swirls on
then with one look at me it's gone.

I have slept for many hours,
but they were not enough.
Now I live with grey-tinted glasses
separating me from the happy masses.

The music's notes sooth my senses,
I talk with my undemanding friends.
So I glimpse the balanced happiness,
but soon once more my mind will bend.

In this same life I could be all content,
I would talk and smile and stand up straight.
If only, for a time, my eyes were dusted with sand,
if only I were transported to a dream-filled land.

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October 8, 2007

To Trust My Heart
life, poetry

thinking back upon our time,
the future we lack no longer saddens me so.
instead I just hope to never forget your face
or the way we would feel when we used to embrace.

even as we both find new ways to go,
I hope to never forget the beauty I have been shown.
I wonder how I will find such happiness again,
but in the end such wonderings yield no gain;
I can only trust my heart and the gods above
that I will once more feel two hearts meld in love.

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September 26, 2007

Beautiful Nature's Storm
life, poetry

a great turbulence rocks the ship;
passengers are tossed to their doom.
confusion rules as darkness takes grip,
and in the skies heavy rain clouds bloom.

as the tears struck down, I tried to understand
how such happiness could reign and then turn to sand.
I held out my hand to feel the drops' weight,
I thought and I thought until I saw through the spate.

the captain's voice on the bullhorn
slices through the stormy confusion:
the storm had been beautiful nature's necessary conclusion.
for those who are now gone the passengers mourn.

and so things seemed clear; I had come to some peace.
my heart was no longer desired, it was living without a lease.
these simple words seemed to cut through the mire;
and so I ached for what was gone but began to move on.

and once more life seemed a fountain of joy.
and once more the passengers found that the ship was heaven-bound.

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July 29, 2007

A Musing on the Mind and the Body
'philosophy', poetry

there is a fault line in my mind
that calls out the separation of my parts.
what was once mine, I no longer own;
what I once controlled now controls me.

I am the being that calls life its domain;
my identity I even now hold secure.
yet the body in which I reside
had taken the controls.
it finds no meaning in anything,
yet it seeks for meaning everywhere.
ineptly it blunders with its eyes and hands:
blindness is its domain.

it has tools perfectly fitted
for rendering beauty.
its form could stand for so much,
its heart's outpouring could fill a thousand oceans.
yet without me it is a senseless brute.
and without it, I can not see the world,
I can not sense a drop of life;
I am completely lost.

life surges forth; I come to the fore.
at the helm I sail us upon this sea.
and so the fault line shivers to a close.
and so two beings become as one.

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July 16, 2007

Wandering Alone

the day is over; the people gone.
I sit her in my lonely chair,
wondering why emotion flairs
only to subside after loosing its bond.

it is not that I am unhappy;
I am perfectly content.
but I look around and see little
to guide me hence.

I want to say the sun has set
but outside it still shines down bright;
its rays reveal my thoughts' lies.
wandering this world alone,
it's easy to forget what holds meaning.
yet that does not mean the meaning is gone,
that does not mean that one is alone.

and so I live for tomorrow,
the day the people will return.
until then, what meaning can I find
except that which reminds me of them?

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July 9, 2007

Invincibility's Lie

life flowed through my veins;
love and emotion called my heart home.
music would call their movements
they would twirl, dance, and float.

but my brain has a foul process it can apply
that shuts off all of this emotion's power supply.
it leaves me naught but a shell;
perfectly unhurt, but horribly cold.

this coldness reveals the invincibility's lie,
these memories call me back to the fold.
I must show my brain the light;
only with its blessing with my frozen heart be free.
only then will the color flood the world again.

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June 19, 2007

Memories Bursting in Air
'philosophy', poetry

in the fountain of my mind
memories flow, sink and fly.
like the sun at dusk and dawn;
so they come and then are gone.
some linger in the fountain's depths,
lending their wisdom to its steps.
others fade into the sunny sky,
first to shine and then to die.

once I cared not what I lost;
I though myself better off.
but now each shining burst trails tears,
as with the dusk so part moments dear.

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April 29, 2007

A New Meeting
life, poetry

I had seen her face's features.
Now I see her face's whole;
her beauty lifts my soul.

I had seen pictures of her.
Now when I look at pictures thereof,
I see with her the spirit of love.

I had thought her to be many people.
Now I see she is only one.
Awe fills me; the love has begun.

And thus happiness fills my veins,
and thus I give her all I have to give,
and thus I love every moment I live.

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April 24, 2007

The Secret Beauty of the Moment
life, poetry

If you would but pay attention
   you would fall in love.
If the sole location of your mind
   was the moment and the present
   you would fall in love.
If you took naught for granted,
   but observed every wonder,
   the beauty would overwhelm you.
Live in the moment,
feel in the moment,
but most of all, love in the moment.
      For only the moment matters
      when you are with her.

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April 22, 2007

Logic's Blindness
life, poetry

Just a moment dear; let me find my heart.
It seems I lost it as I traveled in the dark.

Emotion seems so far off,
despite how much I beckon.
Memories confuse what I think I feel;
the fake tries to pass for what is real.
So I recede from my mind —
as to the truth logic is blind.
With your warm thoughts I will see anew.
With this simple beauty I will find the true.

In the hollow space that used to feel warm;
that is where I will rebuild what is forlorn.

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April 19, 2007

Three Fragments: a tale of wonder
life, poetry

put me at ease, destroy my defenses, let me
breathe the emotion.
then I am so happy.


presently the diamond tears shroud my face;
sandman, prithee, shine thy blessing light upon
this seed of happiness.


I find myself in an uncharted sea;
it's beauty stretches farther than the eye can see.
Yet I need no map, I need no dove,
for I am not alone upon the sea of love.

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February 1, 2006

Three Haiku: a story
life, poetry

kindling lies on ground.
the bright sun shines briefly:
burning fire erupts.

emotions gather inside;
unshared they serve no purpose.
a flood is released.

a blessing breeze blows.
life's joyful fires are stoked anew;
spring tickles the heart.

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December 19, 2005

I have a secret; it flows in my veins
life, poetry

I have a secret.
it flows in my veins.
it burns in my soul.

if you listen to my heart,
I'll share with you this thing.
this strange creature, this secret.

music swirls about the secret's crystal throne;
the sound's currents illuminate the shimmering thing.
as life's light sneaks through the door, the secret flies free.

it dances through the halls and it cartwheels through my mind.
free, it shines like a star, a constant explosion letting off light and heat.
listen close and you'll hear it's call; close your eyes and into it you will fall.

I'll whisper it's name: love.

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December 15, 2005

do all feel this way?
life, poetry

do all feel this way
when their heart
is swallowed
by another?

do all hope and pray
that their helpless ways
will bring two hearts

do all try to fare the torrid weather
and strive to swim to the gleaming
shores glimpsed while dreaming?

why does the heart wrench itself free
and let the pain seep in through my knees?
why does hope flail it's weakening arms
and grasp at hints only to fall back in alarm?
why can't the heart be satisfied with it's lot
and not long for that which is not easily sought?

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December 11, 2005

I Have a Fire
life, poetry

I have a fire,
it burns and it cools.
I know not whether to smother it
or to try to give it fuel.
it burns with desire.

fire is essential;
without it all seems trivial.
it's warmth fills your soaring soul.
and, yet, is it wise
to let undesired fires burn unsupervised?

all I know is this hell:
if I do not act
the fire will rage and scorch
all in it's track,
leaving me only a shell.

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November 20, 2005

Let Me
life, poetry

let me meld my mind with yours
and we'll be happy for evermore

let me sing a song from the heart
and all around us the night will part

let me see your soul's glittering form
and you will see my heart grow warm

if I open my heart to you
all will be of a glittering hue.
and if we open our hearts to one another
never will our happiness be torn asunder.

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November 15, 2005

Sloth Slinks
life, poetry

sloth slinks along the southern shore
it thinks I am unaware but I know it's snare
even so I am helpless before it's barred door
in my weakness I do not dare to assail it's lair

the sloth slips over me as I descend to my chair
I am unable to move and at first I don't care
but before long I wish to accomplish my goals
I am unable, restrained in laze's iron control

panic builds up as I think of what must be done
I am unable to stop the flow; all I can do is lie low
work flees from my mind as if pursued by a hun
the waves crash against me and above flies a crow

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November 7, 2005

Sleep's Plague
life, poetry


Damn this lack of sleep
and the forgetful thoughts which I keep

Nothing is really wrong
but my mind finds sadness in it's song

I curse it's wavering ways
and long for the chance to sleep for days


sleep knocks at my door with it's iron cushion of a fist
my mind hears the call but my soul resists
the body slogs along towards it's slumber
but the heart wishes to halt the falling lumber

sleeps knocks again with it's iron knuckles
a few times more and my will will buckle
but for the moment I hold my tongue
my happy mind frolics with the sun

thrice sleep knocks and I know my time is nigh
sleep's soft pillows will soon know my sigh
as my mind's pace starts to slow
dream's soft music begins to flow

all my thoughts drain out through my feet
things become simpler and oh so sweet

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September 28, 2005

Happiness Burns Blue

I feel the need of expression, but a paucity of time and imperfect socialization abilities constrain me. The emotion, unable to escape at it's desired velocity, burns it's blue flame within me and threatens to consume all. And yet, when flourishing in lesser quantities, the flame serves to keep one at the perfect temperature while also warming those closest to you. I rush, rush to open the vents of happiness and love.

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September 23, 2005

As night's silky sheet falls upon the land
life, poetry

As night's silky sheet falls upon the land
waves of sound echo through the world.
Friends' songs of happiness flow from hand to hand
and musical strains of pure emotion are hurled.

All that is good is let loose to roam
as all the evil is driven back home.
The heart is free from ache;
all drink in the musical sake.

Naught is left but happiness.

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August 15, 2005

NASA Poetry: Ode to the House of Apache and other tales
life, poetry

Recently my internship at NASA ended, so here's a selection of poetry which I wrote while on the job. Hopefully it might illuminate some of my experiences. I'll write a blog entry on said experiences in a few days.

so many words;
they long to come out.

but the time of day is not right
and sleep's fog dulls their light.

July 15
sleep beckons,
and who am I to deny it?

only a bit of flotsam,
tossed about before it's dreamy shores.

August 1
desire for an iPod warps the mind
        as all the players wait with hope.
the winners of the prize know not their find
        but instead they are nervous and mope.
all await the words so combined
        as to bring either death or a rescuing rope.

August 3
Ode to the House of Apache
The softly resounding GUI comforts like the crash of the ocean's waves
as the quiet mechanical sounds of the PHP hint at the underlying framework.
Data retrieved from MySQL tastes like a delicious fruit picked ripe from the tree
as the comforting embrace of PHPWS encircles all, bringing necessities to hand.
For indeed I speak of a paradise of bytes and bits; a utopia crafted of ones and zeros
where all may live out their lives surrounded by beautiful silicon in the house of Apache.

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July 24, 2005

How can I reach infinity
life, poetry

How can I reach infinity
when the sands of time limit me?
I know where I must go,
yet I find it hard to row against the flow.
Pastel shades light the sky;
they form a colorful path leading high.
And yet still I find that my mind denies;
it refuses me the power to fly above the body's lies.

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June 2, 2005

Emotion without Substance
life, poetry

a mind, knowing so much more than had before brushed it's door,
still longs for lore.
the mysteries of the world, distilled into but one word,
leave understanding furled.
the longing mind aches to unroll the exotic scroll, but it's clumsy claws
can not reach the goal.

feelings sought for as if lost,
longed for but never crossed.
for if they are found, they are not known,
and their identity lurks in the regions unshown.

but the mind does know that regardless of the world about,
and all that which it does desire to find out,
the top of the world has been scouted
and can be climbed again if it's location be doubted.

from the union of music and friends,
self-expression and happiness do themselves vend.
by the power of dance, all will mend,
and all will comprehend that which the mind wishes to pen.
[/NULL] My feelings recently, as reflected by a preponderance of poetry, have been mostly about emotions, not about things or events. This seems to follow the direction of the last week or so away from interactions and gatherings. Without crew, and with school drawing to a close, things are slowing down and my interaction is limited. My mind, recently awoken to interaction in the first place, cries out, and it is for this reason that I greet the beginning of summer with mixed feelings. It's nice, I suppose, to not have to worry about the studies any more, however I quite worry about how often I'll see the beloved crewbies. Yumilicious gatherings will surely supplant the biweekly or so crew practices, but I worry as to how frequent these gatherings will actually be. And, in addition, I worry about having an opportunity to dance. Dancing feels like the one way in which I can truly be Trevor, and express myself with wild abandon without caring about anything except the moment, the dancing, and friends. And yet, baring perhaps music-tinged gatherings, I know of no opportunity this summer at which I might dance. There's the possibility that someone on this seemingly dance forsaken peninsula will host a dance, but I don't like to bank my sanity on it, as I'm being forced to do. And even if such an event does come up, I might be hard pressed to find anyone to join me in venturing to such a locale where I'd be largely admist people who I don't know. And so I deal with the present, studying for exams, and look to the future, hoping that my schedule will be filled with friendly happiness and euphoria which resonates with the music. I feel feeble to affect this future, and yet if I do not, it will surely not live up to my desires, so I must try to affect it as I can.

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May 30, 2005

life, poetry

the path to perfection having been attained
one finds that reality had never therein lain

responsibility thwarts that which you wish not to depart
time in it's finite nature limits the pursuits of the heart

with the bulk of necessity blocking the ingress to ecstasy
the mind despairs and gropes for the entranceway

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May 10, 2005

Poetic Lifeblog II
life, poetry

Ah, poetry does rocketh. It really takes the edge off of your emotions, in addition to being pleasant to write and read. I'm a bit pressed for time tonight since I have to get up early tommorrow to register for Italia, so these poems which I wrote today will have to serve as my voice. I'm quite pleased with "Math" though, so I hope y'all will enjoy it.

Laziness calls
and Imagination beckons.
Visions of movies and books and dreams.
Before these math wavers and falls;
all which is not strong and sturdy
falls to it's knees and begs for relief.



Oh, great luring god,
I fan thy flame
bow to thy name
and hail the path you leave unprofaned.

Oh, deity of logic,
ruler of all that is right,
why must you put up a fight
when this disciple begs to learn in your light.

The light shrinks away,
withers and fades,
leaving but little knowledge laid.
The path is so weak it seems not by you made.

Oh, master of truth,
your works span to the gods' home;
thy strongest towers of metal and stone,
awe-inspiring, they strike one to the bone.

Thus, glorious judge most just,
I entreat thee, grant this plaintiff's plea
for knowledge and understanding of yea;
allow me to climb thy great tree!

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May 2, 2005

The Power of Poetry: Poetic Lifeblog I
life, poetry

I was feeling a bit burdened by various school based responsibilities today, but after writing out these few verses I felt rather normal again, my emotions having been let out. Poetry rocks, and I think I'll start featuring it on this blog more often. The —— separates the two poems. On a side note, shampoo foam is quite possibly the coolest thing on earth.

     too much goodness
     sucking up the time
     too much to do
     and not a spot of time
     mandatory meetings,
          merriments and masteries
     when not completed promptly,
          they pock the path with potholes


What is the heart's yearning
          that friendship leaves unfilled?
What is the desire
          that flounders as if lost?

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April 19, 2005

Savage Says Happiness
'philosophy', poetry

Savage says "Happiness
is the ruler of mens' minds,
the golden fruit which all
     hope to pick,
either to grant as a gift
or to consume themselves."

"But," asked the wombat,
"does not the man who
seeks pain forsake

"No," said Savage,
"for no man seeks pain
as it's own reward,
unless it be a happy
sort of pain."


At this point the otter cried,
"But ho! If happiness is man's desire
why does he perspire
to render justice unto liars?"

And Savage did reply,
"For justice does please the mind,
and it's presence does find
the innocent pleased in kind."


"But also, he who is just
must to all happily entrust
his thoughts without any fuss."

"But why, then," asked the pumpkin,
"do some sit without compunction
and think to themselves without any function?"

"Why," said Savage,
"Those boil inside and refuse to eat
of the golden fruit which is such a treat."

[Notes: Savage is, in fact, my last name. I wrote this for an English class assignment, but I quite like it, and had fun writing it. It's modeled after Ezra Pound's Canto 13.]

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