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May 16, 2005

Brims, Sore Throats, and Rain
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Soo, our last regatta was this weekend. I got to the beach house rather late, so the only fun I caught was the tail end of a family guy episode, but 'twas alright. We were the first race or so in the morning, and while the rowing wasn't precisely heaven, it felt better than it did at the last regatta. This weekend I finally noticed that all the races that felt really good, where I didn't really get killed by exhaustion but where I also felt that I'd rowed my best, were races in which I'd rowed in an eight. Racing in a four seems to be much more tiring and seems to require much more effort; hopefully next year I'll get to row in more eights than fours, although that seems unlikely unless we manage to snare some more guy-rowers.

In addition to rowing, I coxed a shell, and had a brimful of fun in the process. After a bit of difficulty getting lined up at the start, the race went quite well I think it's the first race I really coxed, as when I'd coxed previously I hadn't done much encouraging of my crew. Saturday, though, I discovered the delights of yelling and trying to drive the shell forward with your voice. All three shells in the race were neck and neck for almost the entire time, and near the end we started to pull ahead. Unfortunately we faltered a bit, one of the other shells got a lead, and we pulled into a close 3rd. I was still rather proud of my shell though, and boy do I want to coxswain some more! If just for that, I'll definitely be doing crew next year.

While we were across the bay we headed over to Stark & Legum. I found a really awesome black Stetson rain hat (the gable) which I promptly fell in love with. It should look quite nice and perhaps Europeanish with my black pants and shoes and whatnot, and it makes me happy to have something of a collection of hats now.

Mayfair at school on Sunday wasn't too bad either all I had to do was help set up some things in the beginning, help man the crew table, and then help tear things down when a rainstorm flashed down on us. They had some pretty yummy snow cones and fries for sale as well.

Now that crew's out, all I have to do in the afternoons is some kinda fun data entry for community service it's nice to be able to do something kinda within my realm of specialty, even if it's a bit monotonous.

I need to work some more to fire up the furnaces of friendship though with a number of people away to Fox Island (some nice pictures, but from a different school) for a few days, social opportunities don't jump on me anymore and I think my Sims-style social meter is sagging. Tomorrow however I'm bringing in my banjo ukulele, so we should be able to rustle up quite a bit of fun during lunch and activity.

Anyway, thanks for tolerating the flushing of my mind's accumulated worries and thoughts, if that's indeed what you've done. Future entries will be less splattered, but I needed a wide entry to allow my mind to focus, if that makes any sense. I'm off now to rustle up whatever fun I can find here, as I do seems to be stagnating a bit.

Posted by Trevor Savage at May 16, 2005 9:33 PM


good project :)
senks :)

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