February 12, 2005

Knitting: Scarves, Pouches, and Hats
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Just before Thanksgiving or so, I started knitting along with a number of my fellow crewbies for the purpose of creating fundraising scarves - my contribution to the effort being happily sold afore the scarf-selling was through. Becoming hooked upon the craft, I then went on to buy a surplus of needles (tip: you don't need to buy 3 sets of needles to knit one pair of socks.) and forge ahead, needles poised. A modicum of yarn later, the clack of needles can be heard as I do battle with a 21 inch long rectangle, also known as a hat.

Prior to starting the hat, I also knitted a nifty little pouch, albeit with a good number of modifications I ended up with a much smaller flap, and a nifty little button loop instead of a hole.

The "hat" (or is that a new breed of caterpillar?) poses next to my stylish duct tape wallet.

The hat, based on this pattern, is knit on straights, "around" one's head. I would've knitted it from the brim to the crown, but I wanted vertical stripes. I took out the increases/decreases from the pattern to eliminate the spiral, and switched to 4-row wide stripes. I'm using black and neon orange acrylic yarn, selected based on color. At first, the acrylic felt a bit oily after using Wool Ease, but that feeling soon disappeared.

At first I was cutting the yarn at each color change, but that would have resulted in 84 ends to be woven in. Looking into the nifty-nifty Vogue Knitting book, I found the simple twisting method of carrying the yarn, after trying the weaving method also found in the book. Twisting seems to work quite well, although I suppose it makes the edge a bit messy, but it's a lot better than either of the other options I've tried, and is quite easy too. I'm currently twisting the two colors at the beginning of every knit row I'm using stockinette stitch which seems to work alright.

I'm a bit worried about my gauge, since it seems to have varied a bit since I started. Moreover, my tension when purling is much looser than when knitting, which is a bit wonky. I'm hoping that it won't matter and so I'm just continuing on, making efforts to equalize my knitting and purling tension as I go.

At any rate, I'm about 3.5 inches from the end of this thing - I'd best hurry up and finish it before the cold disappears. After finishing the knitting I get to sew it up, add a pompom, figure out how I'm going to do the black brim I also want it to have, and start some yummilicious socks! Tube socks, that is I don't think I'm quite ready for the complication of real socks.

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