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September 4, 2005

School Marches Closer

School's marching ever closer, and it's getting for too close for my well being if you ask me. And yet, there are reasons for which I am eager for it's return.

Perhaps the foremost thought on my mind, however, is about colleges. For, being a senior, in a few months I'll have to have my applications in the mail. At first my sole thought was that the information to be considered was completely overwhelming, and that comparison was impossible. Comparing individual aspects and student reviews, however, has proved informative and now I'm on slightly firmer ground. I still tend to waffle though, and I need to do more research in the next few days.

The senior project is another potentially stressful event, but I'm not worried about it. Every senior has to complete a series of computer-based documents (a Powerpoint, database, spreadsheet, etc) on a subject of their choosing. I already have an interesting subject (PDAs), however, so as long as I find plenty of information online I should be set.

The school year's classes themselves are also in a position to provide stress. However, looking over my schedule, there seem to be far too many interesting or semi-fun classes to worry about schoolwork. Even the classes which are less attractive are so mostly because they'll probably involve a bit more work than the rest. And how can you complain about classes when you have a study hall and access to a senior lounge?

But lying beneath all these dooms and glooms, like a nice fluffy pink carpet, are socialization and friends. Lying on this carpet, watching the sky, and feeling the waves of life go by; for this I am happy that school will soon begin.

And there is another benefit as well; with more varied inputs and experiences being pumped into my head I will not find it so difficult to conjure up a topic on which to blog or write poetry about. My mind will cease to stagnate in the ever-changing but calm waters of it's own summoning and will instead be tossed about on the rapids of others' thoughts.

And so, even if all of the potential deaths mentioned above come to pass, in the end I think I'll be happy once school has commenced anew. Friends and an increased flow of thoughts through my mind will cary me through to the end.

Posted by Trevor Savage at September 4, 2005 9:00 PM


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