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May 4, 2005

Postprom Experiences
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I've started to write 3 different blog entries on different topics, 2 of which I haven't finished, so I'll just pile them all into this entry.

I think I'm starting to get a bit sick; marathon weekends tend to do that to me. The weekend of Macbeth, when we had a regatta stuck into the schedule much as one was this weekend, I had about the same symptoms. This Sunday, at afterprom, my throat got sore, and it didn't improve over Monday and Tuesday. Today, my nose starts running and feeling a bit put upon by unidentified invaders. This afternoon, I start feeling a bit sick and a bit chilled, and spend 2 hours doing much of nothing; nominally, I was surfing, but I only got around to a few sites. I just hope I hang in through Saturday; Friday is the day of the A.P. U.S. History exam, and Saturday we have the SAT.

Anyway, the Prom was quite the delight, I suppose. I was high on dancing and a lack of sleep and tophats and tails the entire time, so I had quite a bit of fun. A bit of socially challenged wonkiness was there in various forms, but oh well. Afterprom was like a really weird version of hell; one where they make you play games and give you prizes, but also one where you're so sleepy you start hallucinating. The dancing made the whole night worth it though, even if I felt like I was going to throw up at one point due to having consuming more water than the average camel. It was amazing how much I sweated; despite my copious consumption, I barely had to go to the bathroom at all. Boy did I love me some tophat though!

I am a bit worried about my ears however; since I've started going to dances and the like, I think I've noticed some decline in their ability to sense, and now it seems that a dull pain inhabits them. I definitely want to find a pair of earplugs to keep on me. I'm not sure how damaging intermittent dances can be (although if they can be very much so, I'll definitely start wearing earplugs) but if I ever have the opportunity to dance more often, earplugs will become a necessity if I want to dance for much longer.

My only real gripe at the moment though is that socialization is ADDICTIVE! They should put a bloody surgeon general's warning on the package. And, at the moment, I'm a bit devoid of this miracle fruit. Online conversations don't really suffice any more; they usually don't have as many people contributing, and the lack of outside stimuli shared by the conversation's participants can make coming up with topics difficult.

In addition, school doesn't seem that great of a social local either. There isn't much free time in the schedule for one; lunch only grants 25 minuets, during which you also have to stuff your face to glean necessary nutrition. In addition, I don't have a much better time talking at school than I do online; for some reason, I can't really come up with too much to talk about. This probably isn't so much a problem with school, entirely, as with my mind, so I'll have to work on it myself.

The best chances for social interaction, though, are definitely off-campus activities; regattas, the ride to crew practice, and other gatherings can become facsimiles of mirthful nirvana. For the moment, though, most of the crewbs with whom I like to twist words are going to morning practices, while I go to practice in the afternoon. Thus, I'm feeling a bit low in my quota of laughter and happiness.

Anyway, I'm off for French and Math SAT (fun! no, really!) homework, as well as some AP studying. I'll have to make sure to fit in a nice cup of English tea too... Be happy y'all, and socialize yourself up some mutual fun!

Posted by Trevor Savage at May 4, 2005 9:05 PM


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