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September 26, 2007

Beautiful Nature's Storm
life, poetry

a great turbulence rocks the ship;
passengers are tossed to their doom.
confusion rules as darkness takes grip,
and in the skies heavy rain clouds bloom.

as the tears struck down, I tried to understand
how such happiness could reign and then turn to sand.
I held out my hand to feel the drops' weight,
I thought and I thought until I saw through the spate.

the captain's voice on the bullhorn
slices through the stormy confusion:
the storm had been beautiful nature's necessary conclusion.
for those who are now gone the passengers mourn.

and so things seemed clear; I had come to some peace.
my heart was no longer desired, it was living without a lease.
these simple words seemed to cut through the mire;
and so I ached for what was gone but began to move on.

and once more life seemed a fountain of joy.
and once more the passengers found that the ship was heaven-bound.

Posted by Trevor Savage at September 26, 2007 12:43 PM


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