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July 29, 2007

A Musing on the Mind and the Body
'philosophy', poetry

there is a fault line in my mind
that calls out the separation of my parts.
what was once mine, I no longer own;
what I once controlled now controls me.

I am the being that calls life its domain;
my identity I even now hold secure.
yet the body in which I reside
had taken the controls.
it finds no meaning in anything,
yet it seeks for meaning everywhere.
ineptly it blunders with its eyes and hands:
blindness is its domain.

it has tools perfectly fitted
for rendering beauty.
its form could stand for so much,
its heart's outpouring could fill a thousand oceans.
yet without me it is a senseless brute.
and without it, I can not see the world,
I can not sense a drop of life;
I am completely lost.

life surges forth; I come to the fore.
at the helm I sail us upon this sea.
and so the fault line shivers to a close.
and so two beings become as one.

Posted by Trevor Savage at July 29, 2007 4:47 PM


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